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What We Do Here

How we can make your business and brand stop users in their tracks.

User Experience Testing

We’ll review your site using qualitative reviews, with users who have been trained to test websites. We’re not bots. We’re actual people.

With Realistic Contexts

Unlike almost anyone else, we’ll review your content where it matters - where your users are. Whether from the bar or from the patio, in the stadium or in a cafe, we’ll give you real feedback.

And In Depth Research

We’re industry experts and designers ourselves. We’ll let you know what works for you, and what doesn’t. We’ll work with you to fine tune your marketing.

Our Story

How we got from where we were, to where you are.

  • 2015

    The User Is Drunk

    With The User Is Drunk, we made a viral splash in the user experience world. With scores of clients and hundreds of thousands of unique hits in the first month, we found a nice no one else had - honest feedback, the kind you can’t get from a Manhattan agency. Featured in FastCo, The Next Web, Gizmodo, TechCo, and others.

  • 2016

    The User Is My Mom

    Our follow-up was just as good, tapping a market that most designers and web marketers forget - older users who didn’t grow up with smartphones. Featured in Wired, CNBC, and Vice.

  • 2017


    With dozens of clients and years of experience, we’re branching out. Bringing skills that have increased revenue, upped conversion, and scaled websites, we’re ready to use our proven and innovative methods to larger markets.

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Our Founder

Who is sailing this ship, anyway?

Richard Littauer

Richard Littauer

Richard is a full stack developer from SF with design credentials; a hipster from Brooklyn; an artist in Montreal; and a remote worker in a cafe near you. He leads First Impressions and organizes teams to suit your needs.

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